Dear Woman,

#Queen #strong #beautiful #positivity You are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Westernization and fashion have succeeded in painting a vain picture of what beautiful should look like. You don’t have to mask your flaws to be perfect for anyone, those flaws make you imperfectly perfect. Rock your features, the big and the small, […]

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The dummy behind the screen…

Many times I’ve picked my phone to type, and I drop it off like hot coal, many times my brain seems to cook up something intellectual, but my vocabulary fails me,so you see I’m that dummy… It’s called writers block but I prefer to just say my brain is in hibernation. While it’s hibernating, I […]

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I refuse to be a slave to my desires. The desire for perfection, a dream never attainable. I’m human, a mass of flaws, each wired intricately to make me who I am today. I refuse to be a slave of civilization, a disease ridden era wrapped up in sparkly slime. If you get carried away […]

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Too Much Fuss About Makeup.

Hello!!! Have you ever had people stare at you like you fell from outer space all because you had a face full of makeup?or have someone tell you ,”you look plastic because of all the “pancaking” or “you should really stop wearing this makeup it makes you look old”??!. Well, that’s what makeup lovers have […]

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Hello!!! This is my first ever post πŸ˜„πŸ˜„and I’m excited about it, though I except to make some silly mistakes that I’ll perfect over time. I’m a girl that has never fit into the crowd, I’m just different from every other person I know (except two of my friends who are exactly like me), I’m […]

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